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Long Eaton United Community FC Academy offers Maths and English to all of our full-time students who are still working towards their A*-C GCSE. There are two paths provided for our students: Functional Skills and GCSE re-sit.


Functional Skills is a comprehensive course that looks at the 'functional' side of Maths and English.  It focuses on providing realistic contexts, scenarios and problems; specific tasks that are relevant to students; problem solving; and the applications of knowledge, skills and understanding for a purpose.  Students will have the opportunity to gain an industry-recognised qualification.  This qualification is aimed at students who have received a GCSE grade F or below, and it is our mission to use this qualification to help students move towards attaining a GCSE grade C.

We also offers all students studying full-time provision the opportunity to re-take GCSE Maths and English, providing they have already achieved a D or E grade qualification or Level 2 Functional Skills.  The benefit of re-sitting these subjects is to achieve a GCSE C grade, often preferred by universities and future employers.


All of our Maths and English tutors are specialist subject tutors.

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